Check the instructions that came with your pole as the installation can vary depending on the type your purchased.  For our models sold in the Pole Fitness Dancing Shop, Be sure all locking nuts/screws are tight and give the pole a good hard tug sideways after it’s installed.  It should NEVER move when installed correctly.  If you are worried about the safety level of portable poles with a dome, you can always add a flat ceiling mount to your pole for a semi-permanent installation.

Installs very depending on the pole type, however most good poles need to be installed over a joist (or truss beam).  Safer poles will be made of good metal with good bearing and soft rubber backings.  There are cheap spring loaded poles out there as well as other fakes that can bend easy or have other unsafe factors like the chrome chipping off (which can cut you!).  Know what to look for in a good dance pole and be sure whatever pole you buy is installed according to the manufactures instructions exactly. 

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