It's a little confusing, but here is the scoop.  

We don't technically have a ceiling mount that is specifically designed for the Pro Quality Pole.  


People frequently ask if the XPert X Pole permanent ceiling mount will work on the Pro Quality Pole.  Here is the link to the ceiling mount people ask about >


I have used it with my Pro Quality pole at home and it works just fine. Many other woman use the XPert Block Ceiling mounts as a successful alternative with no problems ever being reported. 

It's just important to know that The XPert Block ceiling mount is made by X Pole for the X Pole brand dance poles, it just happens to work with our Pro Quality pole as well :)


And remember, the XPert Block Vaulted Ceiling mount can also be used as a flat ceiling mount as well :)

I always recommend that if you want to get the X Pole ceilings mounts it is best to buy an X Pole to go with it to ensure proper compatibility.   It's always a little bit of a gamble with compatibility when mixing brands or parts.

Hope that helps : )