It's a little confusing, but here is the scoop.  

We don't make a ceiling mount that is specifically designed for the PFD Pro Quality Pole or any other type of screw together type dance pole to our knowledge.


People frequently ask if the XPert X Pole permanent ceiling mount will work on the Pro Quality Pole.  Here is the link to the ceiling mount people ask about >


I have used it with my Pro Quality pole at home and it works just fine. Many other woman use the XPert Block Ceiling mounts as a successful alternative with no problems ever being reported.    However do not advise using the mount if your have a very steep slant or pitch to your ceiling.

If you choose to use the X Pole ceiling mount, all your need to do is replace the dome of the dance pole with the ceiling mount, there are not additional parts you will need to make it work.   Ceiling mount installation instruction will be included in the package when it arrives.

It's just important to know that The XPert Block ceiling mount is made by X Pole for the X Pole brand dance poles, it just happens to work with our Pro Quality pole as well :)


And remember, the XPert Block Vaulted Ceiling mount can also be used as a flat ceiling mount as well :)

I always recommend that if you want to get the X Pole ceilings mounts it is best to buy an X Pole to go with it to ensure proper compatibility.   It's always a little bit of a gamble with compatibility when mixing brands or parts.

There are no other ceiling mount options that we know of at this time that would work other than the X Pole mount, we wish there was!

Hope that helps : )