All the removable dance poles can be taken up and down everyday.  What really limits you is the time you have to take them up and down and storage space once it's taken down.

Each brand comes apart, breaks down, and  installs differently.  Some are easier than other due to the general design.   Generally speaking, dance poles that don't screw together or have additional tool like hex screws to unlock joints are easiest to take down because the joints just slip together.  However, if you have the time, unscrewing joints and using hex keys may not be a problem.

Additionally, the height of your ceiling will have a bearing on which pole is easiest to take up and down.  Taller poles that are removable have more parts and are more challenging to take up and down depending on the model of pole, but they are also harder to store due to the longer extensions.

In the end, you will need to evaluate your individual situation to decide what's best for you : ) 

Here is a great article that talks about dance poles and the easiest ones to get up and down everyday >