There are a couple different types of removable dance poles that can be also semi-permanently installed with a ceiling mount that bolts to a ceiling joist.

The best removable poles that can also be a semi-permanently mounted pole are the PFD Pro Quality Pole, the XPert X Poles and the Lil Mynx poles.

If you are purchasing the PFD Pro Quality Pole, you just need to purchase an additional PFD Ceiling Mount to bolt to the ceiling. This solutions article goes into more detail about the compatible ceiling mounts to go with the PFD Pro Quality Pole 

If you want an XPert pole, you will need to purchase an additional XPert ceiling mount to bolt it to the ceiling.  The ceiling mount will replace the dome that comes in the standard kit.

If you want the Lil Mynx pole, it comes with a mount that screws into the ceiling when you purchase the pole so there is no extra purchase necessary.