This is a very common question and highly depends on the type of pole you decide to buy.

Picking the right pole for your ceiling height can be time consuming because there are so many poles available. 

To make things more simple, we created an article that lists the types of dance poles we sell that will fit your ceiling height so you don't need to waste unecassary time shopping for a dance pole (or extensions) that won't work for you.   Additionally the article will help you spend quality time choosing between the different types of dance poles that WILL work for you.  It's a huge time saver.

Here is the link to the article that will help you choose a dance pole for your ceiling height =>

Once you know which pole you want to buy, simply use the "height chart" tab shown in the product listing of the dance pole you want to buy.   The height chart will show you what extensions you need to buy (if any) to get that brand of dance pole to fit your ceiling height : )  Links to the compatible extension are also listed each dance pole product listing.