Some times customers ask things like:

"Xpole is currently out of stock and will not be accepting pre-orders for a few weeks. It seems that somehow you have them in stock? I am wondering if that it correct, or if it is also just a pre-order. And if you do have them, where are they coming from, seeing as how xpole directly is sold out?"

The stock availability for every X pole items is in the stock tab in the product listing.   

All our products ship directly from X Pole and our stock is tied to theirs so if X Pole is out of stock so are we. Any orders placed will go in as pre-orders for the next shipment.   Order are pre-paid at X Pole and your order is reserved in line.   When X Pole ships your product, we send out an email notice with updated tracking information : )

We always recommend that you pre-order, especially for newer items or around Holidays.  Sometimes it's hard to gauge customer demand and shipments have been known to sell out through pre-orders before the next shipment even arrives, especially for newer items that haven't been on the market long.

Pre-orders can make people feel nervous, however it's a natural worry and you there's nothing to fear.  Pre-orders are very documented, reserved, and tracked.  You are always welcome to contact us anytime to inquire about the status of a pre-order, we don't mind : )