Sometimes after many uses, it's common for hex screws that change the pole from spinning to static to get stripped out accidentally.  It's important that you do not over tighten or force hex screws or they will get stripped.  The problem for most people is that the stripped screw is stuck inside the base and they can't figure out how to get it out.   

The best way I have found to get a stripped hex screw out of the base is to do the following:
  1. Put some strong quick setting epoxy or JB Weld on the tip of the hex key included in your tool kit (or a cheap 4mm allen wrench), then glue the hex key into the stripped screw and let it set up hard.   Super Glue will not work.
    • Be careful not to use too much glue and accidentally glue the hex screw into the base or you will never get it out.  
    • Also, be sure to use quick setting glue because you have to hold that hex key in place till the glue sets.

  2. Once the glue is set, you will be able to screw out the stripped hex screw easily.

Now, this will make the hex key in your kit un-usable.  The hex key in your kit is a 4mm allen wrench and these are commonly found in every hardware store or Wal Mart for $1-$4. Most people have an allen wrench set lying around the house already : )

**Alternatively - if you know how to use a Screw Extractor Set (found in most local hardware stores or on Amazon) then you can use that tool to remove the hex screws instead of the method described above.

Please see this article for detailed information regarding replacement screws.