Many times people will move to a different home or apartment or simply want to use their pole in a different room.   Ceiling heights can vary when you change the location of your pole and many people want to know if the dance poles can adjust to a different ceiling heights if they move their pole.

Most removable or portable dance poles can adjust to various ceiling heights by either adding or taking away extra extensions.   Dance pole extensions are the extra pole tubes you can buy to adjust the height of the dance pole in a custom way to fit your ceiling height.

Most dance poles do have the optional dance pole extensions you can buy, but each dance pole has varying capabilities when adjusting to ceiling heights - meaning not all dance poles with extension options can adjust to ALL ceiling heights.

Some dance poles will only go up to around 10ft with added extensions while others can go over 11ft.   It depends on the dance pole brand.

Additionally, dance pole extension can only be used with their own brand of dance pole, they are not interchangeable.   Meaning, you CANNOT use an X-Pole brand extension on a Lupit Pole or PFD pole for example.

Each dance pole has a tab in the product listing titled "Height Chart".  By reading the individual height chart for the dance pole, you will know what extensions to buy to fit your ceiling as well as it potential to fit other ceiling heights you may have in other rooms.

If you are not sure what dance pole brand to buy, there is a great article in our blog that talks about the best dance poles for various ceiling heights found here:  The article will make it easier to choose which pole will work for your home.