Most of the dance pole brands can be adapted to work on both flat or slanted (also known as vaulted) ceilings.   All standard dance pole kits will work on flat ceilings out of the box. 

To get the dance pole to adapt to a slanted or sloped ceiling, you would need to buy an extra vaulted ceiling mount.

Each brand has it's own unique vaulted ceiling mount that works with that particular brand of dance pole so you will need to research to find out if the pole can be adapated and if so, locate it's corresponding ceiling mount.

To do this, select the brand of dance pole you are interested in buying in the shop, as you read through the listing, you will find links to it's matching vaulted ceiling mount so you can adapt that pole to a slanted ceiling : )

Many people also ask if there is a way to adapt the PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole to a slanted ceiling, you can find the answer to that question in this article in our solution center here:

You can also search for vaulted ceiling mounts in the search bar of our shop as well.