All the dance poles we sell have to be installed underneath at least one ceiling joist according to the manufacturers instructions for it to be installed correctly.

Unfortunately, since homes are built differently, it's impossible for me to help you install it because I don't know how your house is built.  Opening a support ticket to tell us about your ceiling type will not allow us to help you, we really wish we could.  We are not qualified carpenters and cannot inspect your home, therefore, we cannot legally give you advice.   It's important to watch the installation videos for the pole you want to buy and follow the manufacturer installation instructions correctly.   The best thing to do is get a qualified carpenter to take a look at your roof and help you get it installed correctly.  We do have a video that helps you learn how to locate the ceiling joists in your ceiling here => 

None of our dance poles can be installed on a "floating" or false ceiling.   They all have to be installed under a ceiling joint because they put pressure between the floor and ceiling.   False or floating ceilings won't take the pressure AT ALL.  DO NOT put any type of dance pole under a false or floating ceiling, it's not safe.

Most ceiling textures work just fine, however most of the poles will put pressure on the ceiling and could slightly damage some of the texture if at all.  Most people are concerned with popcorn ceilings and you can find information tips to install a pole on a popcorn ceiling here:

If you need help deciding which extensions to use for ceiling height in your room, you can find that information in the "Height Chart" tab in the product listing of the product you wish to buy.