The adjuster cover found on screw together type dance poles like the PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole can get stuck at the bottom of the base when it was dropped from the top of the pole.   It's very important that you do not drop the adjuster cover during installation or removing of the dance pole.

To resolve this issue, put the pole in static mode by aligning the base hex screws with the symbol on the base, then tighten them down.  Then stand on the base of the pole with your feet while you use both hands to pull the adjuster cover upwards to loosen it.  Once it's loose it should function normally again. If you are having a hard time pulling it upwards with your hands, try using the help of someone with strong arms or using something made of silicone (like one of those grip pads commonly found in kitchens that help you open tight lids) or a pair of tacky grip gloves to get a better grip.   

Football gloves have also been know to work as well.  

We hope these tips work well for you : )   If you find a better solution, please feel free to comment on this article and share what worked for you so we can share it with others here.