There are a lot of different brands and types of dance poles sold online.  We do NOT sell all brands of dance poles because not all dance poles are safely built for pole fitness activities.  Frequently people buy second handle poles, poles from other sellers, or pole brands that we do not carry in our store then ask us if we can sell them spare parts to fix the dance pole.

We only provide support for products bought in our shop because there is no way to ensure compatibility otherwise.  As much as we would truly love to help everyone with every type of dance pole fix their problems, we simply can't.   We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service experience possible and since we have limited time, we choose to place our priority focus on our paying customers.   Additionally, when you didn't buy the pole through us, we cannot verify important factors like model of pole, brand, functionability, etc. and therefore cannot offer adequate advice to help solve the problem.

It would be best if you go back to the person you bought the pole from for help : ) We are always happy to help our customers find parts or fix problems with products they bought from us, but we can't fix problems that aren't associated with our store transactions.

Thanks so much for understanding that we are not superhuman, and know that we do wish you the very best luck.