Tiny screws are often missing or lost by accident.   We do have replacement parts and screws for the PFD dance pole and we do support our customers in finding replacement parts for the PFD dance pole when they were purchased through our store.    If you did not purchase your dance pole through us, it is important to go back to the company you purchased the item from for support, this ensures compatibility of the missing part you need.

To replace the missing adjuster cover screws for the PFD dance pole you have two options:

1.) Contact support for a new set to be shipped to you.   We will verify your order in our records, send an invoice for the cost of the item (Usually about $20 - this includes shipping in the USA) and then ship your replacement adjuster cover screws to you asap.

2.) We do realize that $20 feels expensive to some people so here is the other option:  Local hardware stores do not carry these screws to our knowledge (trust me, we tried and can never find them - these screws are custom to the PFD dance pole).   You can go to your local hardware store and purchase two M6 x 1.00 screws and then have them cut to 5.5mm.   If you cannot cut the screws yourself then you will need to pay your local machine shop to do that.

We hope this information helps and look forward to serving you in the future.