The base hex screws found at the bottom of the dance poles to change the pole from spinning to static are a specialty sized hex screws.  These exact screws cannot be found in your local hardware store such as Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

We do sell replacement hex screws to our existing customers ONLY for approximately $25 for a new screw set of 2 which includes shipping costs in the United States.   Existing customers can contact our support team by opening a support ticket to request to purchase these replacement screws.   We do not provide replacement parts service to customers who have not placed an order through us due to a high risk of non compatibility.

While local hardware stores do sell similar hex screws to the ones found in the dance pole base, the sizing is not exact.

If you choose to use your local stores to find these hex screws, look for an M8x1.26 Hex screw.  (IMPORTANT NOTE* these dance pole hex screw sizing can vary depending on brand, however M8x1.25 is the most common size on screw-together type dance poles as well as older model X Poles.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you take a screw to the hardware store with you to compare the size for accuracy)  

These screws are also called allen head screw sets.  The length of the screw may vary but can be cut to size by a local Machine Shop.  If the length and size are not an exact match, then there is a risk of cross threading as well as a possible loss in functionality, meaning the screw you find may work, however it may not st completely flush in the base which can cause some slight slipping or movement of the pole when in static mode.   This is a risk you will have to take when shopping for your own DIY hex screws for the base of your dance pole.