1. We get asked a lot, what is the difference between the PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole and the PFD Black Powder Coated Dance Pole?

  2. The main difference is the finish type of the poles. As most pole enthusiast knows, it can be rather costly to purchase a powder coated pole. The PFD Black Powder Coated Pole is a reasonably priced pole with a black powder coated finish for those wanting to consider a different pole finish from the more common option of a Chrome finish.

  3. The Black Powder Coated pole gives a smooth feeling, strong paint, covering the steel surface of the pole which is easier to grip than chrome ( it’s gripping powder is similar to brass yet still allows sliding of the hands as needed with less use of liquid grip aids while dancing). Here is an article you can read to know more about the black powder coated finish type and how it compares to various dance pole finish types including brass, stainless steel, chrome and more here  > > https://polefitnessdancing.com/best-finish-to-get-on-stripper-poles-used-for-a-pole-dancing-workout/

  4. Also, here is an article that goes in depth into the similarities and features of the PFD Chrome Pro Quality Pole and the PFD Black Powder Coated Pole > https://polefitnessdancing.com/best-affordable-dance-pole-pfd-dance-pole-reviews/