We only ship products within the United States and SOME products we can ship to Canada, but not all products.   Please read the shipping tab for the product you want to buy for any information about shipping costs, times, and where it can be shipped.  Each product and brand has different shipping policies.

The reason we do not ship outside the USA or Canada is because shipping costs to other areas for dance poles is extremely expensive which most customers do not wish to pay.   For example, the average cost to ship a dance pole outside the US is approximately $125 or more for a single standard dance pole kit that breaks down into smaller pieces.  Additionally, if something like shipping damage occurs, it's extremely costly to send replacement parts to the customer or get the pole returned due to shipping courier policies.   This presents a situation where foreign customers will pay extremely high shipping costs and in the event that damage occurs, it becomes extremely difficult to get the proper parts or returns taken care of in a stress free way so much to the point that it frustrates both us and the customer.   Much of these problems are due to shipping courier policy which we simply cannot change or control.

It is in our hearts to share our products with every country and support as many people as possible in the pole dance journey but it's simply not always a great working option.

Thanks in advance for understanding.