This is a very common question that people ask.  Grip aids are an essential part of every pole dancers life, not matter what the fitness level, no matter how experienced you are, no matter how long you have been pole dancing.

Choosing the right grip aid for you will highly depend on your current fitness level, your skin type, and the environment in which you live because humidity has a bearing on how well you can potentially grip the pole surface.

Furthermore, to complicate things, the finish type of you pole will also affect your grip.  A brass dance pole or powder coated dance pole are easiest to grip and can sometimes be TOO grippy for some skin types in warm humid climates.

Most people choose a chrome dance pole to start for general purposes before investing in or choosing a pole with different finish types.

Here is a great article that goes into detail about all these above factors and how to choose a grip aid for beginners that is right for you and your situation >