Lupit is a small company in Slovenia.  Unlike many companies where tracking is provided when the item ships, Lupit does the opposite.   They provide tracking BEFORE the items ships while they are processing and preparing the item for shipment.  When you place an order, they provide tracking numbers within 48 hours during normal working days.   The tracking numbers will not work or show any movement until Lupit finishes processing your order and ships your package.

Lupit has different processing times depending on the product you bought but vary between 5-15 working days.   Please read the "shipping" tab of the product you bought for more accurate details regarding processing and shipping times for that individual item.

When the item ships, you will need to use the link we sent you via email to track your package.   Most tracking numbers will show a Slovenia Post with a little message by it says "in transit".   This means it shipped from Slovenia and is on the way.

There will not be any further details or movement beyond that until your package arrives on USA soil.  Once it does, then your tracking number will show more information.

We understand this is a more difficult process, however please understand you are purchasing from an International company who is doing the very best they can for their company shipping policy.  Lupit is well worth the wait : )