If we know when the next incoming shipment will arrive for any product, that information will be listed in red above the "out of stock" notice in the product listing.

If an item is placed out of stock, but there is no information in the product listing with a date regarding when the next shipment arrives, it means we do not know.

The reason we know when some items will be back in stock but not other items is because not every dance pole brand can give us an ETA on their next shipment.

X-Pole frequently has items out of stock and they don't have an ETA on the next shipment, therefore we cannot pass that information on to the customer.  We do not clearly understand why they don't always know when their next shipments arrive, but that is just how X Pole works.

Lupit and Lil Mynx items are made when an order is placed.  They do not rely on stock coming from a manufacturer like X Pole does.  They can usually make the order as long as they have the supplies to do so.

All PFD brand items have better stock control.   We usually let people know about next incoming shipments and frequently allow back orders to be placed on the next arriving shipment.   That information will be in the product listing above the "add to cart" button.    If there is no information there, we do not have an ETA on the next shipment yet.  You will have to check the product listing at a later date.

We do our best to keep the website updated regarding new stock arrivals, unfortunately, each supplier works a bit differently and we cannot always give the stock updates customers want.  We really wish we could.

Please do not open a support tickets to ask about stock if you have not read the product listing.  If the information is not in the product listing, we don't know at this time.    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding : )