If our system tells you the email doesn't exist it could be for a couple different reasons.

First, you must have created a profile on our website for our system to recognize your emails.

We have TWO different places to log in and therefore, you may need two different profiles depending on what you bought.

The account profile to access the pole dancing lessons and the account profile to access information regarding your order like tracking numbers and order history for example, are different.

So if you know you have a profile, then it's possible you are trying to use your shop account profile credentials to log in to access the pole dancing lessons (or vise versa) and so the system doesn't recognize you.

If you have placed an order in the shop for physical goods and you checked out as a GUEST, then an account was never created for you.   Therefore any order info, including tracking numbers will be found via email only.   If you don't see an email, be sure to check your spam folder.    Sometimes people make typos in their email during checkout and that can be another reason you may not be getting your order details.

If you are trying to access the pole dancing lessons included your dance pole purchase and you have not created a separte profile to access those lessons, please use the PDF download file in your account or order email to begin setting up your new profile to access the lessons.

If you need to check to be sure you are logging into the right place, please go to our account log in page and choose whether you want to log into your lessons, or your shop account here.

We realize this is a little confusing and we send our apologies in advance.   When the website was first developed, the technology to get both the lessons and physical goods sales was not available at that time.   We hope to update this is the future if possible.  In the meantime, two profiles are needed if you purchased both physical and digital goods.